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Spring 2018 Practice Schedule

CBFO Volleyball – Spring 2018 Practice Schedule


Team Coach Location, Day, Time, Court
L1-1 Smith CBMS, Mon 6-7PM, Court 1
L1-2 Holladay CBMS, Thu 6-7PM, Court 1
L1-3 Hilton CBMS, Wed 6-7PM, Court 1
L1-4 Reeves CBMS, Thu 6-7PM, Court 2
L1-5 Williams-Moody NSES, Fri 6-7PM, Court 2
L2-1 Waycaster CBMS, Mon 6-7PM, Court 2
L2-2 Pohl CBMS, Tue 6-7PM, Court 1
L2-3 Thompson CBMS, Tue 6-7PM, Court 2
L2-4 Dean CBMS, Thu 7-8PM, Court 1
L2-5 Holladay NSES, Fri 6-7PM, Court 1
L3-1 Mumm CBMS, Mon 7-8PM, Court 2
L3-2 Carpenter CBMS, Tue 7-8PM, Court 1
L3-3 Kitts CBMS, Tue 7-8PM, Court 2
L3-4 Speth CBMS, Thu 7-8PM, Court 2
L3-5 Morse NSES, Fri 7-8PM, Court 1
L4-1 Taylor CBMS, Mon 7-8PM, Court 1
L4-2 Morse CBMS, Thu 8-9PM, Court 1
L4-3 Hill NSES, Fri 7-8PM, Court 2

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