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Fall 2017 Volleyball News and Notes

Volleyball News – September 22, 2017 edition

Fall Volleyball season now underway!

On Saturday, 9/16/2017, we will begin league play for the Fall…ending on 10/21/2017 with the league tournament!

Stay Informed

Keep updated on the latest in regards to CBFO Volleyball activities by:

Updated online presence coming soon!

We are currently evaluating several different online platforms to increase visibility, streamline the registration experience, and provide regular updates and scores from games along with team and coach profiles.  More to come!

Winter league and competitive travel teams coming soon!

CBFO will be active this winter! CBFO Volleyball will offer either winter league recreational play in conjunction with other area teams, a winter skills camp, Middle and High school competitive travel teams, or a combination of all three.  Winter activities are currently in the planning stages.  More information will be posted the first week of October…stay tuned!

Spring League 2018

While Spring league play is still 5-6 months away, we are currently reviewing past leagues and evaluating how best to serve you this coming Spring.  Strong consideration is being given to joining a larger league along with 3-4 other organizations to provide for more varied play.  CBFO would retain organizational structure and our teams would both play each other and also play other teams in the area.  This will be a recreational league and fees will be in the same range of $125 to $175.  More details coming in December 2017!

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