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Game & Picture Schedule for 10/14/17

Update…below is the schedule of games for tomorrow, 10/14/2017.

We will have full concessions tomorrow…including lots of donuts and coffee!

Tourney schedule for next week will be posted by Sunday evening.

8am Williams-Curran Holladay Reinbolt Rust-Shuster
9am Rust-Shuster Holladay Reinbolt Williams-Curran
10am J Smith Morse1 Carpenter S Smith
11am Carpenter Morse1 Carter Hill
12pm Morse2 Carter S Smith J Smith
1pm Morse2 Hill


Picture Schedule

Here is the picture schedule for tomorrow. We want to give every team an hour window to come in and get pictures done. It generally only takes 5-10 minutes to run everyone through, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

9 AM – 10 AM – J Smith, Morse1, Carpenter, S Smith
10 AM – 11 AM – Williams-Curran, Holladay, Reinboldt, Rust-Shuster, Carter
11 AM – 12 PM – Morse2, Hill

We will have a signup sheet for everyone to put their child’s name, number, the team name and their contact information. If there are any questions, we will be there most of the day tomorrow or you can comment on our Facebook Page.



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